Speed up your investment pipeline and analyse more deals

realxdata allows you to instantly analyse any incoming rent roll by automatically detecting, extracting and checking all relevant information from your rent roll files & memos. Within the realxdata platform you can benchmark a deal against your portfolio and the realxdata 360° Market View.

Manual data crunching is a thing of the past. Instant and data-based decision-making processes are here today.

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Acquisition – Pipeline

Easily drag & drop rent roll files and memos – No pre-formatting needed!

Automated data extraction & structuring

Machine Learning based data checks & validations

Export standardized data

Connect to your CRM

Business Intelligence

Manage your deal, not your data

Effective deal assessment requires thorough and consistent data preparation as well as in-depth analysis. realxdata’s intuitive and interactive Business Intelligence solution makes time-consuming data preparation obsolete and allows you to access and present all data within one platform.

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  • Portfolio & Asset Dashboards
  • Interactive Map
  • All important KPI's at a glance
  • Dynamic Analysis & Filtering

All Data in one place

360° Market View

realxdata gives you access to a holistic market view with real-time market developments and benchmarking to instantly analyse any local real estate market.

The real-time data sourcing technology by realxdata ensures you have the most-accurate & current data right at your fingertips. It gives you the time to make the right decisions instead of spending a vast amount of time preparing data.

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  • Rent Developments & Forecasts
  • Value Developments
  • Vacancy & Take-up
  • Comparables
  • Socio-Demographic Data
  • Public Law & Regulations
  • News & Market Monitor
  • Points of Interest
  • Construction Plans
  • Restricted Areas
  • Ground Values
  • Noise Information
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