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All your deals and data in one place

realxdata enables you to instantly analyse and price any incoming asset and portfolio. The unique and automated Rent Roll integration & Memo analysis provided by realxdata allows you to focus on your customers and the deal, instead of data crunching. In addition, you can instantly connect your data with your current CRM system.

  • Identify upcoming tenant movements
  • Analyse rent increase potentials
  • Assess market vacancies
  • Monitor market dynamics
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In-house Comparable & Deal Database

  • All your current & past deals and lettings
  • All your pitches
  • All your market expertise

Being a leader in your market you have all the data to sustain your competitive advantage. With realxdata you now have a solution that easily makes all that knowledge available for any customer and anyone in your team. Of course all your data stays with you!

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Digital Investment Memorandum

Win more pitches and close better deals with a fully digital marketing process

realxdata allows you to instantly analyse any incoming deal. The unique and automated Rent Roll intergraion & analysis provided by realxdata automatically detects, extracts and validates all relevant information inside your rent roll files & asset lists. Manual data crunching belongs to the past and immediate decisions are here today.

Within the realxdata platform a Digital Investment Memorandum can be shared in seconds.

  • Portfolio & Asset Dashboards
  • All important KPI's at a glance
  • Dynamic Analysis & Filtering
  • Give access to potential buyers
  • White label
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Demonstrate your market expertise to your clients

360° Market View

realxdata enriches your expertise with a holistic market view including real-time market developments and benchmarking to instantly analyse any local real estate market.

Time consuming sourcing and combining of data is done by realxdata technology to give you the opportunity to make more successful deals.

  • Your Comparables
  • Rent Developments & Forecasts
  • Value Developments
  • Vacancy & Take-up
  • Comparables
  • Socio-Demographic Data
  • Public Law & Regulations
  • News & Market Monitor
  • Points of Interest
  • Construction Plans
  • Restricted Areas
  • Ground Values
  • Noise Information
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